New Original Shell Palmrest Upper Case With Korean Backlit Keyboard for Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th Gen Laptop C Cover 01YU530 Thai US For X1C 2014 x1 carbon gen 2 type 20A7 20A8 English Black laptop backlit keyboard thinkpad titanium 9th qwerty Notebook keyboards pc light SN20W22428 04Y0557 Replacement Keyboards 1 1st 2013 UK EU 0C02206 FRU 04Y0815 NEW GR FOR ThinkPad Yoga 3rd 2018 German with SM10M69915 4th Backlight Teclado SN20R55491 SI Slovenian 5th 01LV332 SZTWDONE L18M4P71 Battery P1 Extrene 1/2 TP00099A TP00099B L17C4P72 L17M4P72 01YU911 45N1701 45N1702 14 45N1703(14.8V 45Wh) 45W USB AC Charger s330 X280 Tablet Type-C Power Supply Adapter Cord 20V 3.25A Type E480 E580 S2 T480/s/T580 P52s Yoga/Carbon Wall Fit G7 G4 20QD 20QE 20QF 20QG 7.5Ft notebook original power adapter charger 65W/90W(square) universal 90W socket (20V 4.5a) PC E431 E531 Z501 Z505 T440S T440 4.5A Plug Ac 65W G400 G500 G505 G405 YOGA 13 LZUMWS Ultrabook Eraser B40 G50 M4400 M4450 Z50 14282-2M CARBON motherboard 20FB, 20FC i7-6600 CPU 16GB 01AX809 01AX813 SHELI LGF-1 MB 448.04W13.0021 00NY851 para X1-Tablet Teste mainboard Core m5-6Y57 SR2EG Trackpad Touchpad Board lenovo 11E FBLI8014010 mouse button board PAILIANG LENOVO 01HY363 DALI8GMB6D0 Mainboard SR2Z6 Celeron N3450 TESTED 11.6Laptop LCD LED Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Frame HN116WX1-102 LP116WH6 SPA1For 11e 20D9 20DA Active Rechargeabl pen lenove yoga 720 900s 920 c740 duet 6 7 14c tablet X13 yogabook c930 c940 thinkbook JIGU 7.4V 34WH SB10J79001 45N1750 45N1751 FUR: 01YT010 01YT01 DALI8KMB8D0 W/ I5-7200U SR2ZU DDR3 The N3150 integrated graphics card comprehensive test SR2ZW I3-7100U 01HY359 01YT007 Tested 100% case cover Chromebook Rear Lid TOP Back 35LI8LCLV40 Bottom Door 00HW172 3DLI5HDLV00 5M Camera Module Helix (20CG-20CH) Series,FRU 00HN306 00HN308 20HS 20HU DA0LI8MB6F0 Motherboard 20G8 20GA 01AV952 01AV953 01AV954 01AV955 T450 T450S X240 X250 X260 X270 45N1110 45N1111 45N1112 battery11.1V 24WH and X220 X230 X220I X230I Bezel case/The screen frame 04Y1854 04W6835 SupStone 01AV439 4 (2016) 1st(2016) SB10F46467 00HW029 00HW028 ES Latin Spanish 2nd T470s T460S 01EN733 01EN692 CSMHY 01AV494 01AV430 2017 Series 01AV429 SB10K97586 01AV431 Horn built-in Speaker T480S 01LV660 01LV662 01LV661 Top T430 T430i 04X0438 GZEELE IBM Edge E430 E435 E330 E430C E430S E445 E335 S430 T430U hinge T430S T420S hinges kit Left & Right 04W3414 04W3413 04W1677 cooling fan X240I X240S heatsin US/FR/GR/IT/RU/SP/TR/UK E570 E575 E570C S3 Liner Wallet Envelope Bag Sleeve Inch 0B95778 0B95779 380mm*263mm New/orig palmrest bezel Without fingerprint hole E490 E485 E495 01LW157 T540 T540P T550 T560 W550S W540 W541 E540 L540 L560 L570 Pointer L440 L450 L460 T431S T440P T460 E440 04Y0862 AKemy DUMBO2 MAIN BOARD Z710 17 inch GMA HD 4600 Geforce 840M Main works P50 P50S P70 Mic 04X0294 04X0297 00HN368 L480 L490 L590 L14 L15 sim Tray pallet 01LW320 Laptops LVDS Cable EDP WQHD 2K 6TH DC02C00BX00 DC02C00BX10 SC10Q59895 T490s T495s SN20R66042 02HM208 02HM280 G575 PAWGD LA-6757P G575GX fully tested free shipping T580 P51s E470 s2 Front Sticker 01YR448 04X5424 AP0SQ000200 DIY T480 01AX487 01AX528 01AX569 Full Computer Accessories 2021 X220T X230T L530 L520 L430 L421 Smart reader Express Card 41N3045 41N3047 Stylus Pen Compatible 520/530/720/900s/920 MIIX 510 5V 4A Universal Miix 320-10ICR 310-10ICR 300-10IBY Ideapad 100S-80R2.